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25mm ultrasonic sensor EUS25F-40FS-WA sealed 40khz sensor - ESUNTECH



  • Compact and light weight

  • High sensitivity and sound pressure level

  • High reliability

  • Excellent temperature and humidity durability

  • Low power consumption   Low cost

  • Waterproof and sealed


  • ·Distance meter

  • ·Automatic doors

  • ·Range finders

  • ·Burglar alarms

  • ·Remote control devices

  • ·mini drone


Model No. EUS25F-40FS-WA 
Dual function(Receiver&Tranmitter)
Construction waterproof
Normimal Frequency 40kHZ
SPL min.110dB(effective Value 10V/30cm)
Sensitivity min.-70dBV/u bar
Directivity 30 degrees
Capacitance 2200pF+/-25% at 1kHZ
Detectable Range Above 6m
Housing material Aluminum(aluminum color or black)
Operating Temp.range -30~+85 ℃





·Sensors are precision instrument, please don't scratch the surface.

·Ultrasonic sensors have potential direction; please pay attention to the installation location.

·This sensor is designed for use in air. Do not use this sensor in fluid.

·To prevent sensor malfunctions, operational failure or any deterioration of its characteristics, do not use this sensor in the following, or similar conditions.

A. In strong shock or vibration.

B. In high temperature and humidity for a long time.

C. In corrosive gases or sea breeze.

D. In an atmosphere of organic solvents.

E. In a vacuum zone or hazardous areas.

F. In dirty and dusty environments that may contaminate the sensor front.

Company introduction and workshop photos

 Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd

Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd. is a commitment to high-quality locates in Jiangsu near Shanghai which is convenient for goods transportation and customer visiting. And we have Electromax Co as the agent  in Seoul Korea. Main Poducts: Buzzer: piezoelectric (piezo) vibration element, piezoelectric buzzer, magnetic buzzer, SMD buzzer Speaker: piezo tweeter, mylar speaker, loudspeaker, tweeter speaker, TV speaker, car speaker, multimedia speaker, woofer, sub-woofer, waterproof speaker etc Ultrasonic sensor: for car parking system or distance tester.


Company Advantages:


We have excellent engineer (including Korea engineer)and we are focus on product innovation , Management innovation.The quality of product was recognized by customer from all over the world.Our products are sold more than twenty countries and regions around the world.our products are widely recognized  by them.And we have long-team relationship with the client.


Marketing Countries:   


USA, Korea, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Germany and so on.


Production Line

Production Line

Inspection and quality control

Inspection and quality control

Packgage, Warehouse & Delivery

Packgage,Warehouse & Delivery


Product introduction

Using precision piezo technology, CNC and Micro-machining, Esuntech’s line of Ultrasonic Sensors is continually expanding. The piezo element is at the heart of ultrasonic sensors and Esuntech possesses unique in-house expertise in this enabling technology. Open structure sensors, waterproof sensors and dual angle sensors are available in a range of configurations and sizes. Customized value added assemblies for convenient application specific usage are available upon consultation. Esuntech can also supply sub-components to manufacturers who already have their own basic designs.

For an understanding of the working principal of piezo electrics in acoustics, please see the Esuntech Piezo Element Catalog under the Resources Tab. The field of piezo electric technology has seen rapid application expansion recently. Utilization of ultrasonic piezo technology for impulsers and actuators has taken this technology beyond the field of ultrasonic sensors.

Nevertheless, ultrasonic sensors themselves have found a rapid market growth due to the nearly universal implementation of near obstacle detection systems on new vehicles in Asia. Whether you require sensor components, complete ultrasonic sensors, or ultrasonic sensors equipped with a driver module contact Esuntech .


Compact and light weight

High sensitivity and sound pressure level

High reliability

Excellent temperature and humidity durability

Low power consumption   Low cost



Distance meter

Automatic doors

Range finders

Burglar alarms

Remote control devices

mini drone



1. Are they compliant with RoHS directive?

All Sound Components (Piezoelectric / Electromagnetic Sounders, Piezoelectric Diaphragms, Piezoelectric / Electromagnetic Buzzers) on our Website are compliant with  RoHS directive. 

2. I would like to know procurement lead time

Please contact us when you need the latest lead time information because it will be changed depend on the market condition.


3. What about the Minimum Order Quantity?

Please confirm with the sales before placing the order. If there are raw materials in stock, 1,000 pieces of a single variety are acceptable.

4.Can you provide samples?

Of course, we can provide 5 free samples, and the sample delivery time is 7-10 days.


① The products must not be washed.

② Storage Condition:

The products should be stored in the room,where the temperature/humidity is stable.

And avoid such places where there are large temperature changes.

Please store the products at the following conditions:

Temperature:-10 to +40℃ Humidity: 15 to 85% R.H.

③  Expire Date on Storage:

Expire date (shelf life) of the products is six months after delivered under the conditions of a sealed and an unopened package.

Please use the products with  six months  after delivered.

④ Notice on product Storage:

Please use the products immediately after the package is opened, because the characteristics may be reduced at quality.